The curator

The curator of the HZERO museum experience is Alberto Salvadori, a project manager with great experience in the management of cultural institutions and an experienced connoisseur of the languages of the contemporary world.

"This project struck me because it is extraordinary: like everything that is extraordinary, it came about from a radical obsession that almost verges on the irrational. The train is the symbol of modernity; today we are returning to the train also on account of its low environmental impact. It has revolutionised the concept of travel; it has traversed the history of art, cinema, music, photography and literature, and with carriages full of spices and foods from all over the world it has contribution to changing our eating habits. The train has emancipated mankind from recourse to physical strength, their own or that of animals, which people previously had to use to move from one place to another: the world of the train is one full of meanings and HZERO will attempt to give account of all this polysemic scope that it possesses”.

Alberto Salvadori