Tåg fusion bistrot, the gastronomic stop in florence on the hzero journey

In the HZERO museum the journey never ends and now offers a 'gastronomic' stop. The indoor space, in fact, houses the TÅG bistro, a one of a kind culinary journey that awaits every visitor in Florence who wants to explore new culinary destinations.

TÅG, which means train in Swedish, is the acronym for Tourism, Art, and Gastronomy. Drawing inspiration from the models of Swedish art museums, where high-level cafes, restaurants and bistros have always been present. TÅG aims to create a format that connects gastronomic knowledge and experience with artistic-museum contexts adapting the menu to the surrounding environment.

The concept of TÅG draws inspiration from common imagery of train journeys, as reflected in the design by architect Luigi Fragola who designed the museum's interiors. Just as the train travels through distant landscapes, TÅG's menu travels through different cultures and foods, intertwining flavors and steam-inspired cooking techniques where the culinary "fusion" proposal embraces creativity and innovation. Featuring delicious sushi & roll wagons, steamed bao buns, as well as a selection of sandwiches like the bahn mì, whose story is woven from the French baguette and Vietnamese tradition. And then there are the Giapas, where tapas meet Japan, including Okonomiyaki, Japanese savory pancakes. There is also an international brunch proposal to satisfy families, tourists, and museum visitors. The beverage menu ranges from breakfast, with a matcha bar and classic Italian coffee, to the aperitif. The contemporary menu of the new fusion restaurant in Florence is tuned to the rhythms of those who frequent it. TÅG bistro is a place that completes the HZERO experience in the spirit of discovery.

Opening hours: 10 am to 8 pm, every day except Tuesday.
Info and menu: https://www.tagtasteandtravel.com/


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