The exhibition

HZERO presents, in collaboration with Fondazione FS Italiane, the exhibition I luoghi del viaggio. Il fischio del treno [The Places of the Journey. The Whistle of the Train], which is open to the public from 29 May 2022 to 8 January 2023 and is visitable on the first floor of the new museum.


The exhibition investigates the complex and fascinating universe of the train through period testimonies and documents. The route, focusing on the 1950s and ‘60s, winds its way through a precious selection of period newsreels coming from the Historical Archive of the Fondazione FS Italiane, which, with memories associated with everyday life and direct testimonies, renders the great importance that the train has in our collective imagination. Glorious and dramatic events, everyday stories and metaphorical railway tracks re-evoke a snapshot of our History, offering evidence of how the train can be the bearer of memories of the past and hope for the future at the same time.


The exhibition is completed by the story in sound conceived and interpreted by Luca Scarlini, which is also available on the HZERO Spotify channel.


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