Where to see a model railway

The search for the best places to see a model railway suggests an itinerary that crosses the entire Bel Paese (Italy). This is not only an opportunity to travel around Italy in search of the best model railways to visit but also a moment to dedicate to wonder and to the suggestions that this exciting hobby can arouse. It is about designing realistic models, researching the most suitable elements, acquiring the necessary knowledge to set up the most complex dioramas - our small glimpses of the world. And then it takes a lot of time. A lot of time is dedicated to each of these aspects but especially to the discovery of new models, new ideas, and a lot of passion. So, let yourself be excited and intrigued by all these opportunities to enrich your modeling knowledge, get on board and let's discover together which are the places where we can find the most complete attractions for those who, like us, want to explore the world one model at a time.


Italian model railway: 70 years of tradition

The history of model railway in Italy began over 70 years ago and has continued to this day thanks to the commitment of enthusiasts of this surprising world. It all started in 1951 when Italo Briano introduced the term "fermodellismo" in Italy in the first issue of the magazine "Italmodel ferrovie", of which he was the director until 1974 with various articles on railway and modeling techniques. The world of Italian model railways certainly existed before, but it was not a regulated and followed practice. Briano was the son of a locomotive driver for the State Railways and soon he was employed in various departments of the railway company. He later became director of a publishing house dedicated to the sector. His greatest passion and what he distinguished himself most for was his role as a great collector and promoter of modeling in Italy. For Briano, model railways were not just a hobby but a real opportunity for people united by a strong interest to meet. A flame that still attracts model railway enthusiasts all over the world.


Where to see a model railway in Italy: all the locations

The world of model railways crosses our entire peninsula. From large-scale models to exhibitions with a smaller selection, these places are perfect destinations for all families who want to spend quality time together, taking advantage of long car or train journeys! Let's discover the places you cannot miss if you want to explore the best model railways in Italy.


  • Let's start with HZERO, the museum located in Florence that houses the largest model railway in Italy. With its 280 square meters, the diorama encapsulates the best of design and construction possibilities. A ludic-architectonic work that calls all enthusiasts of the world to itself and intrigues even those who are not part of this world. 
  • Mondotreno - Alto Adige in miniatura is one of the largest digital installations of miniature railways in Italy. It is located in Rablà near Merano, in the province of Bolzano, and thanks to its two thousand pieces, it is one of the largest private collections of model railways. 
  • The Mondo dei Treni in Miniatura - Fermodellisti Alto Vicentino is the Venetian museum that was created from the collection of the prefect Aligi Razzoli and includes over a thousand examples of various styles and sizes.


These are the main events to build a path that touches all the most important places to see a model railway in Italy. But it's just the beginning! Because throughout the country, there are a series of fairs and events to discover.

Italy's largest model railway

Italy is one of the countries where model railway has found the most fertile ground: it hosts unique and highly appreciated realities at a European level. In the splendid setting of Florence, just a few steps from the Santa Maria Novella station, stands HZERO, the museum that houses Italy's largest model railway. This place is the destination for any model railway enthusiast who wants to witness the 280 square meters of diorama that makes up a unique work in Italy and is envied throughout the world of model railway. An example of great craftsmanship and passion that finds space in the city's historic center. The HZERO model railway was born from the unstoppable creative energy of Giuseppe Paternò Castello di San Giuliano, who has worked on it with passion and dedication since the 1970s, thinking from the beginning of the adventure about the landscape in terms as if it were a theatrical set. So we recommend booking your ticket and getting ready for departure, as at HZERO you will discover a surprising model railway.